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The care we provide is as individual as you are


Angel Plus Homes Ltd  are committed to delivering the highest standards of quality care and services, in a homely atmosphere, to people who find themselves in need of long or short term Respite care.

Willowbank Care Home


Our care is based on our core values of Positive Living that satisfy social, personal, cultural and religious beliefs: Compassion, Respect, Dignity, Privacy, Equality, Diversity, Choice, Independence, Safety and Security


We extend an open invitation to you and your family or representative to visit us any time, and by arrangement tour the home to meet our staff, management and discuss how we may be able to help you now or in the future.

Our well trained and highly experienced staff, do everything possible to provide truly personal and individual attention, promote freedom of choice and to ensure that all residents are always treated with the utmost dignity and respect.
We are proud of the services we are providing daily in a safe and  comfortable environment that allows service users as much independence as possible.

Person Centred Care

person centred approach means that each Service User is an individual treated with respect  and dignity. Each Service User has a named key worker and an individual care plan. This will cover their personal and medical history as well as a record of any particular activities they enjoy and any cultural or religious aspects of their care.

Service Users and their families or representatives are involved in decisions made and reviews of their care. Emphasis on all aspects of care is the Manager’s primary concern and together with the experienced staff team adhere to rigorous standards. We have an excellent working relationship with partners from the local GP surgeries, District Nurses, Chiropodist and Optician.


The Willowbank Café has a spacious communal dinning room, however Service Users may eat in their rooms if they wish. The Willowbank Café  serves nutritionally balanced meals carefully prepared by our cooks to ensure the best combination of nutrition and flavour for the Service Users. The Service Users and their families or representatives are consulted on their likes and dislikes and we cater for all dietary requirements.
The Willowbank Activity & Hobby Club encourages Service Users  to follow interests and hobbies; however there is no pressure and each person is treated as an individual. Our Activity Coordinator ensures that the Service Users enjoy an active social life if they wish. The varied programme includes: handicrafts, quizzes, discussion groups, games, armchair exercise and entertainment. Service Users’ birthdays are celebrated here as well as special events such as Saints’ Days  and  Sporting events.
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CQC Report

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Willowbank Rest Home
CQC overall rating                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        6 November  2018                                                                                                                                                                                



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